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Únase a Lino mientras comparte historias y fuentes de inspiración adicionales fuera de su libro, A Little Less Fear.

Hablemos fuera de la caja. ¡Cualquier tema está abierto! Ya sea que hablemos de sexualidad, enfermedad, espiritualidad, educación, poesía o temas psicológicos.

Con un poco menos de miedo, podemos abrirnos un poco más.

Rasing Your Frequency and Removing Blockages with Holistic Therapist Edit B Kiss

Rasing Your Frequency and Removing Blockages with Holistic Therapist Edit B Kiss

@MagicalKarmaPriestess In this episode, Edit B Kiss tells us about her journey into becoming a reiki master and karma yogi practitioner. She answers questions about the true self, ancestral healing, raising your frequency and removing emotional blockages. Edit B Kiss is a holistic therapist, success habit coach, #1 best-selling author, Humanitarian Award winner, and international speaker. She helps her clients to get healed from running minds, and insomnia to gain more focus and fill the void in their hearts by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true selves so they can stand the storms and live their lives joyfully and reinvent themselves to the next level. She works with clients on releasing long-lasting pains, blockages, ancestor defects, and emotional traumas so they can live fulfilled and joyful lives. Edit originally was a petroleum engineer, working in the petroleum industry for 15 years before being a holistic mentor full-time. During those years while living around the Globe, she trained to become a Reiki Master, a Sekhem Healer, and a Karma Yogi Practitioner under the teaching of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul; strengthened her extra senses; and worked on several family constellation therapies. She learned life coaching from the Satori Prime brothers (who base their work on Landmark approaches) and was trained by Bob Proctor, who is known for his appearance as a featured expert in the movie, The Secret. While living in New Zealand, she was a member of Reiki NZ Incorporated. YouTube: @magicalkarmapriestess Website: Edit B Kiss - Holisitc Mentor (@editbkiss) • Instagram photos and videos
Dad Mode: 25 Ways to Connect with Your Children with Author Tal Eyre
Overcoming Fear and Thriving in Life with Author Colin Kingsmill

Overcoming Fear and Thriving in Life with Author Colin Kingsmill

Colin Kingsmill believes that we have lost touch with our shared humanity and have become distracted by division, identity politics, negative news cycles, corporate and special interest greed and other forces that crush our souls and keep us from being healthy and thriving. @WholeHumanCoaching He is on a mission to help people: - Rediscover their Humanity - Live in Integrity - Be Fearless - Become Free (from suffering that is holding them down) This way, they remember who they are and who they will be and change the world. BIO My whole adult life, I have said "yes" to opportunities without knowing what was coming next or the consequences. I am writing Fear Less: Crossing the Bridge from Fear to Bliss, 8 Steps to Fearless Living, bringing this tapestry of life experiences to serve others. Thanks to this vast collage of experiences, I have become an expert in helping people fearlessly pivot and make meaningful shifts in their lives when they find themselves stuck or at a daunting intersection, professionally or personally. - Co-Founder of Whole Human Coaching; we are on a mission to bring humanity back to the workforce. - Owner of Colin Kingsmill Coaching for private coaching if you are a CEO, Founder or Entrepreneur. - Owner of Insight Incorporation, focused on purpose-driven real estate and design projects. #abundance #happiness #personalgrowth #prosperity #success #changemanagement #mentalhealth #positivity #purpose #transformation #spirituality #meditation #lifestages #author #booklovers #booklover #chapters #podcastepisode #podcastshow #alittlelessfearpodcast
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